Consulting Geologist



MSc. Exploration Geology, Pri.Sci.Nat.


  • Geochemical Exploration

  • Exploration Drilling Projects

  • Target Generation

  • Mentorship

  • Research & Development


Thomas has 15 years of experience in the mineral exploration industry. He holds a BSc. in Earth Science from the University of Berne, Switzerland (2006) and a MSc. in Exploration Geology from Rhodes University, South Africa (2010). Prior to joining RES in 2010, he gained experience working as a geologist in Southern Africa for Creo Design.


In his role as principal geologist at RES, Thomas is focussed on base and precious metal exploration projects inclusive of: desktop review; mineral system models; obtaining historical exploration data; data compilation; project design and management; multidisciplinary results integration and interpretation; and target generation.


Thomas is discovery driven and passionate about exploration, rocks and mentoring.