Consulting Geologist



MSc Geology., Pri.Sci.Nat.


  • Kimberlite geology and evaluation

  • Potential fields geophysics

  • Geophysical interpretation

  • Mineral sorting

  • Laboratory management


After completing a BSc. in Applied Earth Sciences in 2006, BSc. Honours in Geology in 2007 and Masters in Geology at the University of Stellenbosch, Daniel joined Remote Exploration Services in 2011 and has more than 10 years of geological exploration experience primarily in the evaluation of kimberlites in South Africa, Lesotho, Angola and Botswana.
He is highly experienced in core logging, kimberlite pipe modelling, petrographic analysis of polished slabs and thin sections, management of diamond bulk and micro diamond sampling programmes, kimberlite indicator mineral analysis for the evaluation of diamond bearing potential and diamond sorting.
Daniel’s skill set extends to geochemical and geophysical data QC, processing and modelling.  Daniel is also a member of the SEG - Young Professionals, SACNASP, GSSA and GSN.