Project Geologist





  • Project Management

  • Multi stakeholder liaison

  • Geological and geotechnical drill core logging and core processing

  • Reporting

  • Database compilation and management

  • Drill site supervision

  • Remote mineral exploration

  • Operations


Angola-born Yambi Dinis joined RES in 2019 after completing his MSc in Geology (awarded with distinction) at the University of Cape Town. In the last 3 years at RES Yambi has worked largely in exploration drilling programs across 5 African countries. Yambi has been primarily involved in planning, site management, supervision and successful delivery of technical, safety and environmental requirements of exploration drilling programs, counting more than 25,000m of exploration drill core to date.


His experience spans planning, drill site management and supervision, core yard management and supervision, drill core logging and processing of base metals exploration (Central African and Khalahari Copper Belts), iron ore (BIFs, Maremane Dome area), orogenic gold (Birimian Series, West Africa) and REEs (Namibia).


In his current role as Project Geologist, Yambi has been able to contribute and grow in his managerial and operational skills and capabilities gained over the years in RES, combined with a focus on continuing to build a strong technical and multi-commodity knowledge base. Yambi is fluent in three languages and in addition to Geology, is also passionate about Africa and the martial art of Capoeira.