Specialists in geophysical interpretation and target identification on exploration projects

Xpotential specialise in interpretation and modelling of potential field data (magnetic, gravity, gravity gradient, IPDC and electromagnetic). Our interpretation products are significantly expanded by including input from structural geologists, economic geologists and remote sensing specialists within the group. This is particularly important for target generation where we often apply a Mineral Systems Analysis type approach based on applicable deposit styles to generate prospectivity maps.


Xpotential utilise Paradigm GoCad and Geosoft Oasis Montaj for 3D data rendering and processing. 3D geological models are created using SKUA– GoCad’s implicit modelling software. SKUA is ideally suited for large exploration projects, enabling rapid building of 3D fault networks and stratigraphy using multiple data sources such as geological mapping, drilling, seismic sections and conceptual cross-sections. Mira Target workflows are used for generation of prospectivity maps.


Inversion of magnetic, gravity, AEM and IP/DC data is undertaken using Fullagar’s VPmg, VPem , GeoScience Australia LE or UBC code. By combining products with GoCad, it is possible to directly invert geological models and constrain parameters based on available information such as drilling or field mapping.

Xpotential was established in 2004 as a geophysical consultancy specialising in the processing and inversion of potential field data. Now wholly part of RES, we adopt a multi-disciplinary target generation approach, employing structural and economic ecologists on most of our projects. Results are visualised in a 3D environment providing the framework for a geologically driven interpretation of geophysical data.



  • Geophysical modelling and inversion

  • 3D integration of geological and geophysical data

  • Basin modelling using potential field inversions constrained by geological mapping, seismic and well data

  • Integrated geological and geophysical interpretation and target generation

  • Customised target generation using mineral systems approaches

  • Remote sensing processing and interpretation



  • Geophysical Modelling

  • Depth to Basement / Basin Modelling

  • Filtering and Image Processing

  • Remote Sensing



Combined geophysical and structural geological interpretation Xpotential offers an integrated interpretation product, combining geophysical and structural geological interpretations of airborne geophysical and remote sensing datasets. Incorporating a structural interpretation with geophysical domains allows for the generation of lithostructural base maps from airborne geophysical datasets.


Target generation and area prioritisation for a variety of mineralisation styles.

As a group Xpotential combines expertise from complimentary geoscientific fields forming an effective exploration team. We specialise in target generation and area prioritisation for a variety of commodities including including: porphyry/epithermal copper-gold; Pb-Zn MVT, SEDEX and VHMS, Stratiform Cu; IOCG; NiS, Iron; Birimian Gold; and kimberlites. As a result, the group is uniquely positioned to offer an integrated interpretation and target generation product.

DSCN0425-003 (1).JPG


Xpotential has worked on a variety of commodities and mineralisation types throughout Africa and the Middle East as well as selected projects in Australia, Americas and Europe.

These include:

Precious metals:

  • Orogenic Au (Ghana, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan)

  • PGE (South Africa)

Base metals:

  • MVT, carbonate replacement, SEDEX and BHT-type Pb-Zn (Iran, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Namibia)

  • Porphyry Cu-Mo (-Au) (Iran)

  • Magmatic Ni sulphide (Zambia, Botswana, Brazil)

  • Iron-oxide-apatite and iron-oxide-copper-gold (Zambia, Iran, South Africa)


  • Diamonds (South Africa, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Canada)

  • Emeralds (Zambia, South Africa)

Bulk commodities / energy

  • Iron (South Africa, Cameroon)

  • Titanium, vanadium (South Africa)

  • Potash (Ethiopia)

  • Uranium (Zambia, Australia)


Hydrocarbon basin modelling

  • African rift valley

  • (Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya)

  • Offshore Kenya

  • Namibia

  • Red Sea


  • Paradigm GoCad

  • Geosoft Oasis Montaj

  • Profile Analyst

  • Maxwell

  • VPmg magnetic/gravity/gravity gradient


All inversions run on highly parallelised workstations