Specialists in geophysical interpretation and target identification on exploration projects

Xpotential was established in 2004 as a geophysical consultancy specialising in the processing and inversion of potential field data. Now wholly part of RES, we adopt a multi-disciplinary target generation approach, employing structural and economic ecologists on most of our projects. Results are visualised in a 3D environment providing the framework for a geologically driven interpretation of geophysical data.



  • Geophysical modelling and inversion

  • 3D integration of geological and geophysical data

  • Basin modelling using potential field inversions constrained by geological mapping, seismic and well data

  • Integrated geological and geophysical interpretation and target generation

  • Customised target generation using mineral systems approaches

  • Remote sensing processing and interpretation



  • Geophysical Modelling

  • Depth to Basement / Basin Modelling

  • Filtering and Image Processing

  • Remote Sensing



Combined geophysical and structural geological interpretation Xpotential offers an integrated interpretation product, combining geophysical and structural geological interpretations of airborne geophysical and remote sensing datasets. Incorporating a structural interpretation with geophysical domains allows for the generation of lithostructural base maps from airborne geophysical datasets.


Target generation and area prioritisation for a variety of mineralisation styles.

As a group Xpotential combines expertise from complimentary geoscientific fields forming an effective exploration team. We specialise in target generation and area prioritisation for a variety of commodities including including: porphyry/epithermal copper-gold; Pb-Zn MVT, SEDEX and VHMS, Stratiform Cu; IOCG; NiS, Iron; Birimian Gold; and kimberlites. As a result, the group is uniquely positioned to offer an integrated interpretation and target generation product.

DSCN0425-003 (1).JPG


Xpotential has worked on a variety of commodities and mineralisation types throughout Africa and the Middle East as well as selected projects in Australia, Americas and Europe.

These include:

Precious metals:

  • Orogenic Au (Ghana, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan)

  • PGE (South Africa)

Base metals:

  • MVT, carbonate replacement, SEDEX and BHT-type Pb-Zn (Iran, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Namibia)

  • Porphyry Cu-Mo (-Au) (Iran)

  • Magmatic Ni sulphide (Zambia, Botswana, Brazil)

  • Iron-oxide-apatite and iron-oxide-copper-gold (Zambia, Iran, South Africa)


  • Diamonds (South Africa, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Canada)

  • Emeralds (Zambia, South Africa)

Bulk commodities / energy

  • Iron (South Africa, Cameroon)

  • Titanium, vanadium (South Africa)

  • Potash (Ethiopia)

  • Uranium (Zambia, Australia)


Hydrocarbon basin modelling

  • African rift valley

  • (Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya)

  • Offshore Kenya

  • Namibia

  • Red Sea


  • Paradigm GoCad

  • Geosoft Oasis Montaj

  • Profile Analyst

  • Maxwell

  • VPmg magnetic/gravity/gravity gradient


All inversions run on highly parallelised workstations