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MSc Geology (Sedimentology/GIS)

Cum Laude - Stellenbosch



  • Field Mapping

  • Sedimentology

  • GIS

  • Data Management


Harry graduated from Stellenbosch with a BSc Hons in Earth sciences in 2019, with his thesis focusing on the dating and correlation of Dinosaur (Sauropod) eggshells From the Aix-En-Provence region of France. Continuing his education, Harry then began his Masters studies which involved formulating a method for using Remote Sensing and suitability modelling within ArcGIS to predict new fossil sites throughout the Skeleton Coast region of Namibia. Obtaining the Degree ‘summa cum laude’.

After taking a break from post graduate studies and getting involved in teaching English, Harry joined RES in February 2022. His initial work involved putting together commodity databases, working on project generation and working on a drilling project in central Namibia.