Should I bring my fishing gear?

And other important questions...

Q:   Something's happened, I need to Report it?

A:   Once you've been in contact with the Safety Officer, complete the Incident Report at this link.

Q:   I know we live it everyday, but can I see a list of RES' Values?

A:   Just a click (below) away...

Q:   Where and How do I get more field gear?

A: Robyn will issue you with the gear you need, but if you need something else, complete the Form below (best completed on PC).

Q: Help! I'm stuck with my expenses!

A:   Watch Derryne's Expense Tutorial video, by clicking the button below.


Q:   How does Microsoft Teams work again?

A:   Watch the video below for an overview and quick refresher...

Q:   I need some time off, where do I get a Leave Form again?

A:   All leave needs to be arranged through Derryne, to speed things up, below is the Form you need.

Q:   Is there a way to quickly access the RES Ops Manual, I need to check something?

A:   You can access the RES Ops Manual, with all supporting documentation, at the link below.

Q:   I need a specific RES Form, where can I find it?

A:   Most of the forms you regularly need to use are available here.

Q:   I've identified a Training need, how do I arrange for Training to be done?

A:   All Training must be arranged through RES Senior Staff and HR, to get the ball rolling complete this Form (best completed on PC).

...and yes, you're welcome to bring your fishing gear :-)