Senior Operations Manager



  • Mechanic

  • Class III Diver


  • Fleet  and Asset Management

  • Project Implementation

  • Engineering

  • Rigging, Hydraulics 

  • Remote site Logistics

  • Technical/Mechanical Development

  • Staff Training


An explorer at heart, mechanic by trade and commercial diver by passion. Andrew is an off-road enthusiast, innovator and accomplished camper.


Having worked in remote exploration as a fleet and operations manager with MS Group for 13 years, the latter 6 years  as the  technical and logistics  manager of RDS. Andrew was responsible for logistics, supply chain, fleet and equipment development  in support of multiple drilling contacts across Southern Africa .


Joining RES in 2019 as Senior Operations Manager, Andrew is responsible for Exploration  and West Coast diving initiatives


Bringing expertise in mechanical repair, fleet management, project implementation,  asset management, with vast experince in Operational Oversight , Rigging, Hydraulics, Engineering  and staff training.