KM'S OF GROUND GEOPHYSICS SURVEYED  :  More than 15 000 km's
MAN-HOURS IN FIELD WITHOUT INJURY  :  In excess of 3 000 000 hours
NUMBER OF SAMPLES COLLECTED  :  150 000 Soil, 50 000 Drilling, 5 000 Rock Chip
HANDS ON EXPERIENCE  :  115 Projects in 28 Countries over 10 years 



Remote Exploration Services provide comprehensive, high quality and reliable exploration services to mineral exploration and mining companies operating in Africa. Having operated in Africa for over 15 years, RES has developed both the technical and operational expertise to implement professional, efficient and results-driven exploration programmes in challenging terrains.


A key focus of Remote Exploration Services is to work closely with our Clients to design, customise and safely implement cost-effective exploration programmes within remote locations of Africa.


As one of the largest independent exploration groups in Africa, RES has achieved an unparalleled track record of implementing and managing all aspects of exploration programmes.


There is an African Proverb that goes; If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting rocks today.....We'll move mountains for you, one rock at a time. 

Our team of passionate, discovery-focused Geoscientists and Operations staff provide comprehensive turn-key services and solutions to Clients, ensuring all exploration work is done to the highest technical standards.


We maintain this high level of excellence through a collaborative approach enabling individuals, with unique skills, to operate as a team while still working autonomously. Leadership is provided by Senior Technical oversight and staff's skills are refined at regular technical workshops.


RES’ technical expertise is further bolstered by an internal Research and Development initiative which draws on the expertise of industry leaders, while our customised geochemical and geophysical processing and interpretation services are responsible for innovative tailored solutions for Clients.


In the field, on Projects, we invest time in training local teams, thereby significantly increasing our operational capacity in each country. This, together with the establishment of a reliable communications network, area-specific evacuation procedures, and a 24-hour safety officer, ensures the maintenance of our exceptional safety record and operational efficiency in some of the most challenging environments in Africa




Deeply embedded within the core of Remote Exploration Services is the legacy of a man who understood that as exciting as exploration work is, there is something else even more exhilarating. Something that is at once attainable, yet always out of reach for those truly committed to success. It starts with how we view success. True success is an unshakable commitment to honesty, integrity and excellence.


Our business has been profoundly influenced by Dr John Gurney, who was instrumental in founding Remote Exploration Services and guiding it to become one of the most respected Mineral Exploration Companies in Africa.


Through his mentoring we've endeavoured to continually nurture a commitment to excellence, which ensures that we employ the latest and most appropriate technology on projects, have an unfaltering dedication to practicing good science, maintain a safety record that is exemplary, manage logistics seamlessly and maintain administration that is accurate and appropriate.